Mental Illnesses

Support Guide
for partners not expert in the domain

A contribution of

Virage santé mentale du Haut-Saint-François
Dans un Esprit de continuum Haut-Saint-François



A team of care providers in the sectors of education, health, employment and community organizations expressed a need for support to intervene effectively with persons who have a mental health problem. They were concerned about assuring a continuum of services that respond to the multiple needs of an individual.

In order to respond to this need, the Virage santé mentale du Haut-Saint-François offered coaching sessions for the team members. The results were positive, and enabled the development of this guide.

Putting this tool online, thus, has the goal of encouraging a greater number of bridging referrals, as appropriate to each situation.

Mental illnesses can take many forms. Many people fear mental illnesses (or mental problems) and do not understand them well. This fear can diminish quite a bit, or even disappear, when someone is better informed.

We cannot repeat often enough that the information given in this Support Guide for partners who are not expert in the domain must not be used to make a diagnosis or label a person.




Anxiety Disorders
Mood Disorders
Personality Disorders


Know the Golden Rules
Consider the emotions that are involved
Respect your limits
Know what to say and where to refer