Primary Importance of Assisting Someone Who is in Danger (Life and Physical Safety)

If the life or physical safety of someone is in danger, you must act immediately:

310-4141 and Cell: * 4141 for the Sureté du Québec in the Haut-Saint-François area

Emergency Health Line 811 (Info-Santé)

911 is easy to remember in situations of panic and for children to dial. However, if the situation you are witnessing is taking place in the Haut-Saint-François area, your 911 call will be re-routed to 310-4141, which makes dialing 911 an extra step in the process. The responder at the Sûreté du Québec (police) station will be able to identify the level of priority and call the Ambulance – Police – Firefighters.

Urgent or important?

  • Emergency: The danger is immediate, the situation is taking place right now.
  • Important but non-urgent situation: The situation is either imminent, or has already occurred, and requires intervention.