What is the recommended continuum?

The continuum referred to in A Continuum of Support in the Haut-Saint-François is more than a simple continuity of services within one sector of activity. We hope to provide a continuity of resources and services in different sectors to meet the multiple needs of people who are in the process of moving forward in their lives.

The partners in this process are from municipalities, institutions, community groups, associations and charitable organizations. They have come together to ensure that people can obtain support throughout their process of integration, no matter what their needs are. For example: transportation – breaking free of social isolation – assistance with budgeting – going back to school – financial aid in starting up a small business. Here is an illustration of what is entailed for individuals engaged in this process:


An approach to accompaniment by partners from different sectors who are working together


Partner issues:   Filling the gaps and avoiding duplication
Organizational issues:   Reaching out, retaining, and guiding individuals towards integration
Issues for care providers: Ensuring a relay and continuity between partners.