The Advantages of Working Together with a Shared Goal

The partners that came together in the forum have identified the advantages of working together with the shared goal of ensuring a continuum of services for individuals striving toward social and economic integration. Here are a few:

Keeping “clients” for yourself is not a solution. Partnerships enable a global and shared response to a person’s needs, especially when there are multiple needs that a single partner cannot fulfill.

  • Respecting and recognizing the expertise of each partner so that the person in need can have the resources that best meet their needs.
  • Working together can help reduce the workload and provide the opportunity to help more people.
  • Working together helps support the more difficult cases in the continuum.
  • Working together also helps avoid duplicating services.
  • Working together in the same direction is the real fight against poverty in the Haut-Saint-François territory.

Instead of attempting a strict follow-up with a partner, it’s better to simply ask the person concerned, and do the follow-up directly with them. This approach helps people take responsibility for themselves, while respecting the values of confidentiality and non-interference with the partner.

  • Following up directly with the person provides better services, and leads to a better outcome and enhanced personal satisfaction.
  • Hosting a three-way meeting between the organization, the person and the referral partner during a complex transfer is a winning formula.
  • Personal follow-up is a more human approach, and ultimately more effective.
  • Follow-ups help to confirm that we have referred the individual to the right place. They also remove many of the obstacles that stand in the way of an effective partnership.
  • Following up on a needs basis enables identification of the resources and services that are lacking.