Our Complementary Values

The partners involved in A Continuum of Support in the Haut-Saint-François met on numerous occasions in forums and consultation tours between 2010 and 2014.

These opportunities enabled them to collect opinions and recommendations based upon six common and complementary values. The menu on the left leads to partner-approved definitions of each of the values.

Confidentialité - Aide mémoire
Maillon Ressource

As a general rule, confidential information is information that is reserved for a small number of people in a given case.

Persons who are committed to comply with this rule also seek to make judicious choices in cases that present an exception to it.

Confidentiality reaches its limit when the integrity and safety of a person are involved. Sometimes this person is the partner to whom we pass the baton.

Equality is the fundamental principle that all human beings have the same rights and the same obligations.

In the context of the continuum of resources and services, gender equality means, firstly, that all human beings are free to develop their own abilities and make their choices.

Equality also means that the different behaviors, aspirations and needs of women and men are considered, valued and promoted equally.

It also means ensuring equal opportunities between men and women, particularly with regard to access to social and economic resources. For example: access to housing, food, transportation, training, employment, training, pay and a balance between personal, work and family life.

The value of listening is translated through attitudes and actions showing availability and consideration for the person. Listening skills include the following:

  • Take the time;
  • Be attentive and receptive;
  • Encourage the person to explain their thought;
  • Verify your understanding;
  • Be tactful;
  • Propose a next step.

At any time, we can observe mutual respect when partners welcome, listen and express themselves in a considerate manner. We can also observe the openness to better understand and respect the views, responsibilities and the limits within which partners are evolving. Partners evaluate situations, not people.

Respect for the individual moving toward integration is expressed by the quality of the reception and the attention we give them. Another form of respect is to avoid admonishing someone or making hasty judgements.

Out of respect, we have a responsibility to guard against prejudices and generalizations.

In the context of the relationships between the partners involved in the Spirit of Continuum in the Haut-Saint-François, solidarity means that we agree to act in a coordinated and complementary manner in the interests of people experiencing various needs.

When we agree and adopt a shared approach such as “Welcome – Referral – Follow-up” for the benefit of people on the journey toward inclusion, we show solidarity.

We recognize our interdependence in order to help people in need. When we take the initiative to ensure this approach is followed up and lasting, we are united. We are contributing to our shared responsibility.

Transparency as value is reflected in the choice we make to reveal clearly the motivations that prompt us to act and the reasons that justify our decisions.

Not everything is appropriate to say. Regardless of the time and place, we must always be respectful. We must avoid causing injury or insecurity. Thus, some things could come up in a one-on-one interview that would not normally occur in a group.

Transparency reaches its limit when the integrity and safety of the person is at stake.