About us

The benchmark notebook (carnet de repères) is the fruit of a comprehensive three-year planning effort carried out by approximately 30 partners in the Haut-Saint-François. Combining their respective areas of expertise, they hope to ensure that Reception / Referral / Follow up can continue helping people who are progressing towards social and economic integration.

The notebook is a tool that uses landmarks endorsed by our partners in order to ensure continuity by working together towards common goals.

The notebook is for members of the public, professionals or volunteers who are helping someone to progress towards social and economic integration. It is a tool created by the partners in this project and is based on understanding people’s needs, rather than simply promoting or raising awareness of all of the available resources and services.  


Who are we?

To print the Map, use a 11 x 17” format for best results.

The partners committed to A Continuum of Support to help people who are progressing towards social and economic integration include numerous organizations and individuals from institutions, community groups, associations and charities in the Haut-Saint-François.

From 2010 to 2014, the partners worked toward achieving a shared vision and understanding of the continuum and integration, in the context of needs specific to the Haut-Saint-François.